We at SperaMed put our best quality & consulting experience and expertise to work for our customers. With specialised and experienced professionals, we can support all your Quality, Compliance, Process Improvement, Training and Consulting needs. With greater regulatory scrutiny and continually changing demands of regulatory agencies, healthcare companies are increasingly feeling the pressure of developing a sustainable compliance and quality assurance strategy which ensures safety and wellbeing of patients and integrity of the data reported to regulatory

Whether it is deploying a Quality Management System (QMS), conducting aGxPaudit, selecting a vendor, preparing for an inspection, developing responses to regulatory observations, conducting a GAP analysis or putting a CAPA plan, SperaMed Consulting can support it all. We offer a complete portfolio of Quality Assurance and Compliance services for the healthcare industries.

Global Footprint

SperaMed have a global reach and provides third party GxP audit services across India, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Asia Pacific including Europe and North America.